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Carbo Plus is a food supplement that contains a complex matrix of carbohydrates from 2 qualitative sources, maltodextrin and dextrose, without fructose or sucralose, ensuring constant energy during physical training.


Characteristics :

  • It contains a matrix of 2 carbohydrates
  • It provides long-lasting energy
  • Ultra fast assimilation and absorption
  • Supports intense physical training
  • No flavor


CARBO PLUS ensures a constant source of energy, thanks to carbohydrates with different glycemic index, being recommended for people who carry out intense, long-term training, which requires a lot of energy.

It contains quality sources of carbohydrates that contribute to the recovery of the body’s functions, after or during long-term effort, which leads to the onset of fatigue and the depletion of muscle glycogen stores.


Recommended dosage: 1 – 2 portions per day (45 – 90 g) mixed with water or juices, before or during training.

the cup is inside the package.


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