Carniplus 2000, lemon by Natural Plus

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CARNIPLUS 2000, 1000 ml is a food supplement in liquid form, containing L-Carnitine enriched with vitamin C, being recommended for athletes and active people, for more energy and fat burning.

CARNIPLUS 2000 is a very effective energizer because it stimulates the use of fat as a source of energy. It is recommended for burning fat together with physical exercises and a proper diet, but also in moments of fatigue and mental exhaustion.


Characteristics :

  • 0 g sugar/ 0 g fat
  • ultra-fast assimilation
  • 2000 mg l-carnitine + vitamin C in each 25 ml serving
  • delicious aroma: raspberry
  • reducing body fat
  • favors weight loss

Administration : 1 serving (25ml)/day 30 minutes before training or between meals on an empty stomach. The administration is done with the measure found on the cap of the bottle.

Keep cool after opening the box! Further optimize your athletic performance, postpone the onset of fatigue and increase your diet.


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