Egg White Protein Powder by Viking Strength

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Servings: 20

Flavors: Chocolate and Vanila


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94% Pure and 90% Bioavailable Egg-White Protein Powder

Here’s the thing:

Most protein powders are jammed full of garbage. Garbage that your body doesn’t need. Garbage that’s flat out not good for you. Hidden sugars, sweeteners, thickening agents, preservatives… … and a whole lot more stuff that’s even worse.

Why do protein powders contain so much of this junk?

I’ll give you a clue: 

It’s not for your benefit. It’s for the benefit of the company selling them. So they can keep the ingredients in their storage facilities longer, so they can stretch the GOOD ingredients further and basically make more money from you. Here at Viking Strength, we don’t think that’s cool. We think it sucks, actually.

When was the last time you went to a restaurant to order a plate of preservatives? How about some thickening agent? Or a big ol’ plate of sugar?

Chocolate Egg White Protein Powder - Viking Strength Nutrition


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