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LEVRONE ANABOLIC PM PROTEIN is a convenient way to supplement your diet with micellar casein protein. Unlike other sources (e.g. whey or beef protein), casein protein has a prolonged digestion time – the slow kinetics of absorption of amino acids and nutrients means your muscles have sufficiently long access to essential components. The formula contains calcium, which plays an extremely important role in the context of the correct condition and functioning of the musculoskeletal system. The supplement has been prepared to the highest standard, which guarantees incredible taste and trouble-free solubility.

What are the benefits of LEVRONE ANABOLIC PM PROTEIN?

  • High-quality micellar casein from milk, which is a valuable form of enriching a diet with complete protein
  • A single serving of the product provides as much as 23 g of protein derived from high-quality raw source
  • Slowly absorbed protein-extended casein digestion provides effective support to prolong the feeling of satiety and ensures valuable access to amino acids and nutrients
  • Protein contributes to increasing and maintaining muscle mass, which can be valuable during regular training and working towards an athletic physique[1-5]
  • Protein supports the maintenance of healthy bones[2,-4]
  • Rich amino acid profile – high content of BCAA complex – presumably supports protein synthesis processes[2,5,6]
  • Calcium has been shown to help maintain healthy bones and teeth and support normal muscle function[4]
  • Calcium is helpful for maintaining normal nerve transmission and energy metabolism[4]
  • Calcium is valuable for optimal digestive enzyme function[4]


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