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The LEVRONE GOLD AMINO REBUILD supplement is a well-thought-out composition of valuable amino acids (including BCAA, L-glutamine), enriched with optimally specified portions of HMB, L-carnitine and B vitamins. The product has been prepared for amateur and professional athletes, and will be suitable as a dietary supplement for recreational exercisers. In the form of an easily soluble powder with fruit and refreshing flavours, you can prepare a delicious drink which will help quench your thirst during exercise. The supplement can be used as an addition to other supplements such as creatine or pre-training supplements.

What are the benefits of LEVRONE GOLD AMINO REBUILD dietary supplement?

  • The rich formula provides multidimensional support!
  • Optimally selected proportions of individual components – an effective effect for beginners and professional athletes!
  • Exogenous BCAA and EAA amino acids can influence protein synthesis and support the reduction of the consequences of exhaustive physical activity[1,2]
  • The combination of exogenous amino acids and L-glutamine may be valuable during increased psychophysical activity and regular training[1-3]
  • HMB may prove to be a valuable support in the process of lean muscle mass building and may help reduce the level of fat tissue[1,4,5]
  • L-carnitine contributes to increased levels of carnitine in muscle and blood[6]
  • B vitamins are responsible for helping the nervous system function properly, maintaining optimal energy metabolism, reducing feelings of fatigue, and maintaining normal psychological functions[7]


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