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Effective food supplement, gainer type for increasing and maintaining muscle mass.

RAPID MASS is a complete and balanced supplement in foods necessary for the rapid growth of muscle mass.


  • 2.25 g of creatine in each serving of 45 g
  • 9.9 g of protein in each serving of 45 g
  • 35 g of carbohydrates in each serving of 45 g
  • Good for hard gainers
  • Very good solubility, is easy to prepare in a shaker
  • Creamy and delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, bananas, strawberries
  • Available in 1000g, 2000 g, and 4000 g


RAPID MASS is a classic gainer supplement, very effective for increasing muscle mass, strength and endurance.

RAPID MASS has been formulated for active people, with high energy needs in the activities they carry out. The optimal blend of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids from Rapid Mass ensures the increase of muscle mass, providing high quality nutrients.

The 4.5 g / portion of creatine monohydrate ensures the increase of physical performance in successive efforts during short and high intensity physical exercises.

Recommended administration: mix 2 servings with 250 – 300 ml of water, juices or milk immediately after training 1 serving = 1 cup (45 g) – the cup is inside the package.


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