Rule 1 Mass Gainer 12 lbs


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The premise for Rule 1 MASS GAINER™ is simple: to be more massive, you need to go more massive. MASS GAINER™ builds upon R1 LBS’s strong foundation with added calories and a more substantial complex carb blend to help fuel tougher workouts, bigger gains, and greater muscle recovery.*



MASS GAINER™ is XXL and in charge. Each calorie packed serving supplies a 6:1 carb to protein ratio plus naturally occurring BCAAs and added creatine to help fuel your workouts and add size quickly.*

  • Over 1,220 Calories (1,500 calories mixed with low fat milk) to help your customers pack mass on fast.*
  • 250g+ Complex Carbohydrate Blend to fuel workouts and support glycogen resynthesis*
  • 40g All-Whey Protein for high drinkability, easy digestion, and fast acting delivery.*
  • 9g Naturally Occurring BCAAs to aid muscle recovery and rebuilding.*
  • Just 6-8g Fat (< 2.5% of serving weight)*
  • Creatine Enhanced for added size and strength.*
  • Instantized to mix quickly and completely.
  • No Banned Substances made in a facility that is routinely tested for WADA banned substances.


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