Whey Pro Premium 5.5lbs by Natural Plus

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Whey Pro Premium is a food supplement in the form of protein powder from WPC whey protein concentrate, being recommended both for active people and professional athletes, to supplement the daily diet with protein, to increase or maintain quality muscle mass or to replace a meal in diets.


  • Contains 30 g of WPC whey protein in each 35 g serving
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Protein helps maintain the health of the bone system
  • Contains 100% WPC – no other additions
  • Rich source of BCAA
  • Complex of 4 Digestive Enzymes for very good digestion and assimilation
  • Very good solubility, being easy to prepare in a shaker
  • Creamy and delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, coffee, coconut, mint chocolate
  • Objective

Every active person knows that proteins are essential nutrients when long-term and high-intensity training takes place.

Proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and also to maintaining the health of the bone system.

Whey Pro Premium   has a very good bioavailability, being ideal for muscle recovery and protein synthesis. It was formulated on the basis of WPC whey concentrate with 80% concentration, ensuring 30 g of WPC protein per serving.


Recommended administration:  mix 1 portion in 200 – 250 ml of water or milk and administer 1 portion before and 1 portion after training. (1 portion = 1 cup (35 g) – the cup is inside the packaging)

Available in 35 g, 500 g, 1200 g, 2500 g


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