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Return & Refund Policy

If you find (prove) any product fake or you have any issue related to the product which is valid and is our fault, we will take the return free of cost, If you want your cash back, you can have it, you want a different product you can have it.

If you don’t like the product because of the flavor or anything else that is not our fault, we won’t return the product.


  • Short Expiry / Sale Products won’t be returned unless found fake.
  • Clumps Are Often Expected In Creatine Powder / Pre-Workout Powder due to moisture and weather conditions, Such  Products Will Only Be Returned If Found Fake.
  • Seal Opened Products Won’t be Changed. (Can Only Be Returned If Found Fake)
  • Companies Often Change Their Scoop (Size, Shape, Color) Such Products should be first verified by manufacturers, and if found fake will be returned.
  • There Is a 1 percent chance of not getting scoop with your product, such product will only be returned if found fake (declared counterfeit by manufacturers.)
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