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LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRO-BLEND 5 supplement is ideal for people who are looking for a nutrient to use at any time of day. The composition is a combination of 5 different sources of protein, which differ in the rate of digestion and assimilation. As a result, the supplement enables a non-uniform release of dense amino acids and nutrients, while muscles gain long-term access to essential building materials in the form of high-quality proteins. The product has been prepared in the form of an easily soluble powder with extremely delicious flavours. The supplement does not contain added sugar – it is ideal for weight loss and fat tissue reduction. The formula is recommended for recreational exercisers, professional athletes and all supporters of a healthy and varied diet.

What are the advantages of LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRO-BLEND 5 ingredients?

  • As many as 5 different sources of complete protein in the form of a delicious nutrient!
  • High class protein complex – whey in the form of concentrate (WPC), isolate (WPI) and hydrolysate (WPH), concentrated chicken egg albumin and micellar casein
  • The use of proteins with different kinetics of digestion and time of absorption – different rates of release and assimilation of nutrients and amino acids contained
  • Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, which can be valuable during periods of intense strength training[1,2,3,4]
  • Protein contributes to maintaining healthy bones[3,4,5]
  • Each serving provides over 27g of complete protein and 5g of BCAA essential amino acid complex
  • No added sugar – product sweetened with sucralose – refined and sensational flavours!
  • Excellent solubility – the nutrient can be used to prepare high-protein shakes or be used as a supplement to some meals such as oatmeal, pancakes, waffles or desserts


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