ScatterBrain by Kevin Levrone Black Line Series 60 Servings


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LEVRONE SCATTERBRAIN pre-workout is back with a new version! The composition of 10 active ingredients that have been chosen in optimal proportions guarantees real support during intensive and exhausting workout sessions. This dietary supplement is dedicated to professionals and recreational exercisers who want to maximise their training intensity and overcome increasing levels of psychophysical fatigue. The easily dissolvable powder allows you to prepare a refreshing drink with a fruity flavour – an ideal choice for strength and endurance sports enthusiasts.

What are the benefits of  LEVRONE SCATTERBRAIN dietary supplement?

  • Beta-alanine is involved in the production of carnosine and contributes to increasing its levels in muscles, which helps maintain the optimal muscle pH, improving exercise adaptation and exercise parameters[1-4]
  • The use of L-cytrulline can be valuable for, among other things, muscle performance, reducing feelings of fatigue, increasing blood flow or improving athletic performance[5-7]
  • Creatine is beneficial for increasing physical performance during short-duration and intense exercise and has been attributed to positive effects such as reducing feelings of fatigue, glycogen resynthesis, and improving strength[8-10]
  • Combining creatine with beta-alanine may be helpful in gaining lean muscle mass[11]
  • Caffeine supplementation may have positive effects on energy levels, exercise parameters, and cognitive function[1,12]
  • The use of betaine may be valuable in terms of improving exercise capacity[13,14]
  • Choline is helpful in normal liver function and affects fat and homocysteine metabolism[10]
  • Niacin with vitamin B6 support the reduction of feelings of fatigue and tiredness, proper functioning of the nervous system and maintaining optimal energy metabolism[10]
  • Vitamin B6 helps maintain hormonal balance[10]


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